Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Beginnings

Hellllooooo good people! I know it's been a while, and I apologize, but the fourth book is done and ready for your consumption. Long Night is the fourth book in the Good News Series and features Terrence as the main character, although as always, I do update you on other characters you've met in earlier books. I also want to take this time to thank and congratulate Ronda Shula, who won my first "Become a Good News Character" contest. Ronda followed the contest rules on my website and her name was picked as the winner. Ronda is now immortalized as a Good News Series character in Long Night. The contest is now open for the next book, Even Me, which will feature Sidonna, the sister we first learn about in book #1, Enough Good News.

I hope that, like me, you've made up your minds to have a fantastic year. Of course we can't know everything that we will face in 2012, but we can be assured that if God allows it, it will work for our good. 2011 wasn't the best year for me, but as the new year approached, I felt hopeful. And a few days ago, I just decided, I mean flat out made up my mind, that 2012 was going to be a FANTASTIC year for me. I was thinking it should be, and hoping it would be a great year, but it made all the difference in my own posture when I decided that it would absolutely be, without a doubt, one of my best years, EVER. I hope you join me in believing that.

I pray God blesses you with your own revelation about your future and the good things He has planned for you. (Jeremiah 29:11)

P.S. don't forget to keep an eye out for Even Me, coming Summer 2012

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